Ready Denton - Power Outage

Mobile Communication During a Power Outage

Text messages require less bandwidth, which means they are able to transmit more reliably during emergency situations. Plug in your mobile devices ahead of a storm and put you phone on low power mode or airplane mode to conserve energy.

Power Resources in the Event of an Outage

Portable Charger

Consider purchasing a portable chargers or "power banks." These devices can store enough battery power to charge your phone multiple times over.

Vehicle Battery

Consider using your car battery to plug-in your mobile device(s) during a power outage.

Portable Generator

Portable residential generators require a permit. To apply, visit the Permits and Licenses page, and be sure to review FEMA Safety Guidelines.

Communication Resources During an Outage

View the FEMA Power Outage Preparedness Sheet (PDF) Opens in new window