Public Art Committee


  • 1st Thursday of the month

Agendas & Minutes

  • Meeting agendas are posted on the Public Meetings page and meetings are open to the public.


The Public Arts Committee (PAC) is comprised of nine members, two of which will be representatives of the Greater Denton Arts Council (GDAC). The GDAC Executive Director and the City's designated staff liaison will serve as ex-officio members.


The City of Denton's Public Art Policy confirms Denton's commitment to sustaining and promoting its unique, creative identity. Art enhances the cultural, physical, and psychological environment by enlivening and humanizing public spaces.

Denton has a rich tradition of promoting the arts for more than a century. The first art course was taught at the University of North Texas (Texas Normal College and Teacher Training Institute) in 1894 and at Texas Woman's University (Girls Industrial College) in 1901. Both art programs have had a significant impact on Denton, which continues today, making it a home for hundreds of professional artists and influencing Denton's visual heritage.

In recognition of the role that public art already plays in Denton, by interpreting its history, character, and aspirations, and of the importance of integrating public art into the daily lives of its citizens, the City of Denton's Public Art Policy was established in 2007 to achieve the following goals:

  • Create distinct, attractive, and inviting public space by including public art as an integral part of the design of spaces and around development.
  • Celebrate Denton's cultural heritage and diversity by encouraging collaboration between artists and the community.
  • Distinguish Denton's image in the metroplex by providing for the creation of quality public art in locations of prominent stature.
  • Foster community education and enjoyment of public art.
  • Promote a community environment that attracts artists to live and work, businesses to invest and locate, and residents to thrive.
  • Encourage participation in the provision of public art through public and private investment.
  • Advance collaboration between the City of Denton and the Greater Denton Arts Council (GDAC) in achieving the goals of this policy.

In 2013, the City Council established and appointed a Public Art Committee (PAC) to serve in an advisory capacity to the City Council. The PAC will make recommendations on the:

  • Commissioning, placing, and installing of public art
  • Implementation of funding mechanism(s) for public art
  • Effective and efficient management of public art
  • Ongoing maintenance of public art
  • Accessioning, deaccessioning and resisting of public art

Funding for public art should be realized from both public and private sources to insure a broad and balanced program. Public funding ranges from voter approved bonds, allocation from the City's operating budget, Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT) revenues, or through tax abatements to developers. The City Council, Public Art committee, and GDAC will actively pursue public and private sources to fund public art initiatives. Individuals, businesses and organizations will also be encouraged to make contributions.