2005 Bond Program

In 2005, Denton voters approved a bond program on public building improvements, transportation, and park system improvements.

2005 Bond Program Progress - March 2019 100 Percent
  1. Proposition 1: Public Building Improvements
  2. Proposition 2: Transportation
  3. Proposition 3: Park System Improvements
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Proposition 1: Public Building Improvements

Authorized the issuance of $4,000,000 of bonds for construction of Senior Center and Public Library improvements.

Senior Center Improvements

  • Status: Completed

Library Improvements

  • Status: Completed

Bond Program Completion Status

The 2005 Bond Program included numerous projects, such as improvements to the Senior Center, reconstruction of major roadways and residential streets, and enhancements to parks and facilities, including the Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center.

The bond program is complete as of March 2019.

Program Spending

2005 Bond Program Spending Percentage by Year for 2017 through 2019