2019 Bond Program

The 2019 Bond Program includes $220,900,000 of public securities for street improvements, public safety facilities for Police, and the purchase of land for parks.


Propositions & TotalVoter Approved AmountTotal Debt Program (See Note)Total SpentTotal Remaining
Prop 1$ 154,000,000$ 154,000,000$ 12,583,369$ 141,416,631
Prop 2$ 61,900,000$ 61,900,000$ 33,162,072$ 28,737,928
Prop 3$ 5,000,000$ 5,000,000$ 0$ 5,000,000
Total$ 220,900,000$ 220,900,000$ 45,745,441$ 175,154,559

Note: Includes additional funding from other sources.

2019 Bond Program Budget Spending Percentages indicating 79% remaining and 21% spent
  1. Proposition 1
  2. Proposition 2
  3. Proposition 3

Proposition 1: Street Improvements

The issuance of $154,000,000 of public securities for Street Improvements, and levying a tax in payment thereof.

Street Improvements allocates funding for constructing, reconstructing, or extending streets, roadways, sidewalks, storm drains, traffic control signals, street lighting, medians, and other related transportation infrastructure improvements, including the acquisition of land and easements for such purposes.

The potential projects detailed on the Proposition 1: Street Improvements page represent the program the City Council intends to undertake to accomplish the intent of the approved bond propositions; however, projects may change. In that event, the Council may direct that proceeds be expended for other projects within the voter-authorized purposes of each proposition.

Note that bond issuance schedules and estimates are dependent upon a variety of factors and subject to change.