Proposition C: Land for Parks


The 2019 Bond Program provides funding for the acquisition of land and interests in land for the development of current or future parks. In evaluating land for parks, a number of factors may be considered by the City Council including the:

  • Level of tree coverage provided
  • Unique land features
  • Connections to the existing multiuse trail network
  • Locations underserved by parks
  • Overall proximity to residences

Over 40 properties have been identified by the City of Denton for potential purchase and conversion into a city park.

  1. Current Park Land Map
  2. Bond Funding
  3. Outcome
  4. Timeline

City Parks with a 10-Minute Walk Buffer

The Current Park Land Map (PDF) illustrates the park land currently within the City of Denton. The highlighted portions are the areas where a resident can walk to a park within 10 minutes.