Headquarters Renovation

Project Description

The 2019 Bond Program provides funding for the renovation of the existing Police Headquarters at City Hall East (601 E Hickory Street).

The City Hall East building was originally constructed in 1947 and expanded in 1965. The building was donated to the City of Denton in 1990 and was renovated in 1992 to 1994 for city operations. In 2013, unfinished space was converted to create the Denton Public Safety Training Facility.

The renovation would update the current facility as follows:

  • Add and reconfigure workspaces for police operations
  • Add work space for public safety dispatch operations
  • Reconfigure other space in the facility
  • Add dedicated locker rooms
  • Add restrooms
  • Add parking
  1. Location & Concept Plan
  2. Bond Funding
  3. Project Outcome
  4. Timeline