Term Limits

No member of the council or the mayor, who has been elected to three consecutive full terms in a place, shall be eligible to file for election for that same place without first having been off the council for at least one annual election cycle.

While nothing prohibits the council members or the mayor from being elected to other places on the council or as mayor, so long as otherwise eligible, no council member or the mayor shall be elected to or service for more than twelve consecutive years.

A person who has become ineligible to serve pursuant to section 2.01(c)(1) shall not be eligible to be elected to a place on the council or as mayor without having first been of the council for at least one annual council election cycle, after which such person shall regain eligibility for office, if otherwise eligible under this charter.

  • Terms Ending 2024
    • Place 5 - Brandon Chase McGee
    • Place 6 - Chris Watts
    • Place 7 (Mayor) - Gerard Hudspeth
  • Terms Ending 2025
    • District 1 - Vicki Byrd
    • District 2 - Brian Beck
    • District 3 - Paul Meltzer
    • District 4 - Joe Holland