Police Careers

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As you consider employment with a police department, we encourage you to compare all the benefits each agency offers. In addition to the beginning base salary and top pay, these include:A motorcycle, cruiser and sport utility vehicle (SUV) used by the City of Denton Police Department

  • The provision of equipment
  • Take-home cars
  • Longevity and incentive pay
  • Promotional and lateral transfer opportunities
  • Retirement packages

Retirement is offered through the Texas Municipal Retirement System (TMRS). There is an employee contribution of 7%, and the City matches the employee contributions and interest 2:1 upon retirement. The Department issues officers protective vests and, if eligible, a take-home car. Officers can earn additional pay for levels of certification or education. The City of Denton also reimburses 100% of the employee's tuition at an accredited college or university. 

Please check this page for information on the next Civil Service Exam.

If you have any questions regarding the Denton Police requirements, contact the Recruiting Unit at 940-349-7832 or by email.

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