Keep Denton Beautiful

We were founded on the belief that community matters most. Our teams work to engage local neighborhoods, businesses, and residents of all ages in creating an amazing city for all to enjoy. Join us in maintaining our vision of a clean, beautiful, and vibrant Denton!

Planting the Seeds of Community

For over three decades, we've partnered with families, neighborhoods, businesses, and community groups all over Denton to achieve our vision of a clean and vibrant city. Using the Keep America Beautiful model of community engagement, Keep Denton Beautiful (KDB) works directly with Dentonites to inspire positive change and provide residents the resources needed to leave a lasting mark on their home.

Get Involved Today

Volunteers are the roots of KDB. By donating their time and dedication, our volunteers give us the support needed to plant free trees, clean up unseemly litter, maintain local gardens, operate special events, and much more!

  1. Hand holding a kdb card in front of trees

    Tree Giveaway Wrap Up

    Keep Denton Beautiful (KDB) hosted its 24th Annual Community Tree Giveaway on Saturday, Oct. 22. At the drive-thru event, 700 trees were distributed t... Read on...
  2. Community Tree

    Community Tree Giveaway

    Keep Denton Beautiful (KDB) and the City of Denton will offer free trees to Denton residents at the annual Community Tree Giveaway on Saturday, Oct. 2... Read on...
  3. Firefighter lighting prairie for prescribed burn

    Prescribed Burn at Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center

    January's prescribed burn at Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center gives room for fresh prairie growth. Read on...
  4. Staff sorting plastic film

    Plastic Film Recycling - We did it!

    Dentonites helped us collect and recycle 500 pounds of plastic bags and helped us earn a free park bench! Read on...