Yard of the Month

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Yard of the Month recognizes Denton citizens who contribute to the overall aesthetics and health of our city by maintaining exceptionally clean and beautiful properties. Nominations for the program are open to the public from March through November of each year, and our volunteer judges recognize a winning yard from a different category as "Yard of the Month" from all over Denton with our signature yard signs.

Nominate a Yard Today

To be considered for the Yard of the Month Program, a property must:

  • Be well-groomed (properties can have a natural, wild-scape appearance, if the yard has a lawn, grass must be mowed, and the perimeter of the property must be edged)
  • Be attractive and pleasing to the eye (e.g.:
    • A variety of plants such as:
      • Flowers
      • Ground cover
      • Shrubs
      • Trees
      • Wildflowers
    • Green lawn
    • Plants with a variety of heights, textures, and colors
    • Landscape features such as fountains, large rocks in beds, etc.
  • Have buildings, fences, porches, and patios in good condition (i.e. minimal distraction from the landscape due to deterioration, damage or construction)
  • Be free of litter, junk and debris (no appliances or indoor furniture on porches or patios; free of junked or inoperable vehicles; no parking on the lawn)
  • Backyard nominations must include a photo upload on the yard nomination form

To nominate a yard, complete our online Yard Nomination Form.

Featured Yard Types

The Yard of the Month program has been updated to feature a different type of yard each month and backyard nominations are now accepted. Nominations of all yard types are accepted year-round.

  • May: Native plants
  • June: Pollinator gardens
  • July: Lawns
  • August: Container gardens/raised beds
  • September: Xeriscape
  • October: Natural aesthetic
  • November: Urban forestry
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