Be a part of cleaning up tons of trash from Denton!

Why Adopt?

Being an Adopter gives participants an opportunity to give back to the community, teach their children about community responsibility, receive positive publicity for their business, and gain valuable community volunteer experience.

What to Expect

Designated spots are located across Denton on streets, trails, and parks. For a list of spots currently available for adoption, contact the Volunteer Coordinator by email or by calling (940) 349-8738.

Group Responsibilities

  • 2 year commitment
  • 4 cleanups per year; at least 1 cleanup per quarter
  • Proper disposal of trash collected
  • Provide adult supervision for volunteers under 15 years of age
  • For student organizations, an administrator or teacher must sign the agreement and provide contact information to ensure continuity of the program

Coordinator Responsibilities

  • Report your cleanup the day you complete it
  • Communicate with KDB staff in a timely manner
  • Provide timely updates on changes to contact person or contact information

KDB Responsibilities

  • Provide supplies
  • Recognize Adopter's community impact
  • Monitor compliance with program terms
  • Work with the City of Denton to place an Adopt-a-Spot sign with Adopter's name (available after 2nd reported cleanup)

Report Your Adopt-a-Spot Cleanup!

Reports ensure your impact is shared with the community, and are a requirement to remain in good standing as an Adopt-a-Spot volunteer:

Adopt-a-Spot Sponsors

Sponsors help KDB ensure volunteers are recognized for their efforts and have all the tools and safety equipment needed to keep Denton clean.

List of sponsors:

  • Surepoint Emergency Center Denton

Sponsor a KDB Program or Event

Promote your business and create a cleaner community as a Keep Denton Beautiful sponsor! Email the Program Manager to find out how you can become a sponsor, today.

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