Meetup Cleanups

Clean up Your Community

Keep Denton Beautiful's Meetup Cleanup program provides volunteer opportunities to cleanup a street, park, or neighborhood in Denton. Meetup Cleanups are flexible to your schedule and group size.

Cleanups can be a one-time volunteer opportunity or can be completed on a recurring basis. KDB Staff will work with you to assign a location or to discuss a neighborhood event. After the cleanup, we ask that you complete a short report to document your impact.

Meetup Cleanups aim to:

  • Reduce litter in Denton
  • Educate residents on proper waste disposal methods and available options
  • Engage residents in neighborhood-level sustainable stewardship

Volunteer now by submitting this Meetup Cleanup request form.

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Have You Made a Difference?

Share how you made a positive impact on our city by completing a Meetup Cleanup Report. You can make a difference!