Other Permits

Alarm System Permits

An alarm permit (PDF) is required for all alarm systems operated within the City, both monitored and non-monitored audible alarms. The permit is good for one year from the month of issue and costs $5 annually. Please complete an application and submit it to the City of Denton Police Department located at:

601 E Hickory Street
Suite E
Denton, TX 76201

Fire Permits

View all fire permit information on the Fire Prevention page.

Gas Well Permits

View all gas well permit information on the Gas Well Inspections page.

Solicitors and Itinerant Merchant Permits

Solicitors, handbill distributors, and itinerant merchants are required to obtain a permit to conduct such business within the city limits. The Denton Police Department reviews these applications and issues the permits. To obtain a permit, bring the completed application and $10 fee to the Denton Police Department at 601 E Hickory Street. If you have additional questions, the Records Division of the DPD can be reached at 940-349-7973. Download the Solicitors or Itinerant Merchants application form (PDF).

Right-of-Way Permits

View all right-of-way permit information on the Right-of-Way Permits page.

Wireless Permits

View all wireless permit information on the Wireless Permits page.