• Information: Also see "Retaining Walls" dropdown. A fence 24 inches or higher along a property line may not be constructed within a 25' visibility triangle of an intersection of two streets. No barb wire; razor wire; and electrified fences are permitted in a residential area. No fence higher than 48 inches may be built within the required front yard setback. Maximum allowed fence height is 8-foot. The structural posts and framing members of the fence must be facing the interior of the lot. Depending on zoning, types of fencing material may be restricted. Please see "Section 7.7.8" of the Denton Development Code (DDC) for more information.
  • Submittal Requirements: Fence Permit Application (PDF). See Fence Submittal Requirements (PDF) for a detailed list of submittal requirements per fence type.
  • Plan Submittal: Plans may be submitted online electronically or by dropping off paper plans at the Development Services Center.
  • Inspections Required: Inspections depend upon type of fence. Please see our Fence Submittal Requirements (PDF) for detailed lists of inspection requirements.
  • Fees: $44 each lot.