Business Water & Wastewater

The City of Denton Water Utilities provide water and wastewater services, and drainage services while striving for exceptional customer service and environmental stewardship.

Contacts for Service

  • To request commercial water and wastewater service, contact Customer Service at:
    City Hall East
    601 E Hickory Street
    Suite F
    Denton, TX 76205
    Phone: 940-349-8700
    Hours are Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm
  • To disconnect service: Contact Customer Service by 940-349-8700; please have the account number and ID verification available when making this request
  • Utility emergencies: call emergency dispatch at 940-349-7000
  • To report a spill, pollution or environmentally hazardous situation, call our spill line at 940-484-7745
  • If a plumber has determined there is a clog that is beyond your service line, call 940-349-8400
  • For information about Grease Interceptor Maintenance Program, call 940-349-8621 or email the Pretreatment Division
  • Customer service:
  • Hearing impaired customers: 800-735-2989
  • For water administration, call 940-349-7176
  • For wastewater administration, call 940-349-7300

Report Water Waste

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