Effective June 1st, 2022: As a measure to ensure the safety of a home, the City of Denton now requires a roof permit for all residential roof or re-roof projects. If any portion of the roof decking is being replaced, a Residential Alteration Permit will need to be applied for (see “Roof Deck Replacement or Repair” section for more information). 

All contractors that perform this type of work shall be registered with the City of Denton as a general contractor and a roof permit shall be applied for and issued prior to the start of work, including tear off. Registered contractors may apply for a roof permit online using the eTRAKiT system or may apply in person at the Development Service Center located at 401 N. Elm St., Denton, TX 76201 using the following form. Once the work is complete, the contractor shall schedule a final inspection through eTRAKiT.

General Information:

  • Permit must be posted and clearly visible from the street.
  • Interior inspection of the attic is required. 
  • Drip edge is required on all asphalt shingled roofs.
  • All new roof coverings shall be installed per the 2021 International Residential Code, as applicable.
  • Damaged, rusted, or deteriorated roof vents and flashing shall be replaced.
  • Proper termination for all exhaust vents that penetrate through the roof is required.
  • Exhaust vents shall have dampers and screen.
  • Clothes dryer vents shall have dampers, but no screen.
  • Fuel-fired appliances shall have approved/listed termination caps, per manufacturer specifications.
  • If existing solar panels are removed and reinstalled, a separate electrical permit (over the counter) is required. Upload before pictures for locations of solar is verified during inspection.
  • If changing roofing materials, a plan review must be completed prior to approval of permit. Submit manufactured specifications.


Required Final Inspection shall include:

Interior Attic Inspection: The vent piping that penetrates through the roof shall have proper clearance and insure that all appliance vents are connected. Decking material will be inspected for proper thickness.

Exterior Inspection: All portions of the roof material install is complete, including drip edge, flashing, roof vents, etc. All construction debris shall be removed from the worksite.

Roof Deck Replacement or Repair 
If any portion of roof decking is replaced, a Residential Alteration permit will be required. Decking thickness shall be sized in accordance with the 2021 International Residential Code (IRC). For any questions, please contact 940-349-8360.

  • Submittal Requirements: Residential Application (PDF), list of roof materials, roof slope, and deck thickness, and deck material type.
  • Plan Submittal: Plans may be submitted online electronically or by dropping off paper plans at the Development Services Center.
  • Inspection Required: Final Roof Inspection
  • Permit Fee: $100 (See Fee Schedule for additional information on permitting fees)