Swimming Pools

  • Information: Pre-fabricated swimming pools that are less than 24 inches in depth of water does not require a permit. Permits are required for in-ground swimming pools, above-ground swimming pools, hot tubs, and spas. All swimming pools shall be surrounded by a fence. The top of the fence shall be at least 48 inches above grade and shall meet all other applicable requirements for pool fences.
  • Submittal Requirements: Swimming Pool Permit Application (PDF). Please read over our Residential Swimming Pool Submittal Requirements (PDF) for plan submittal details.
  • Plan Submittal: Plans may be submitted electronically online through eTRAKiT or delivered in person to the Development Services Center at 401 N Elm Street with a set of paper plans.
  • Inspections Required: Belly/Steel, Deck/Bond, and Final Inspection.
  • Fees: $357 for underground pools, $50 for spas or pools above ground.