Retaining Walls

  • Information: Retaining wall permits are required for all retaining walls that are over 4-foot from the top of the wall to the bottom of the footing or if the wall is supporting a surcharge or impounding class I, II, or IIIA liquids.
  • Submittal Requirements: Fence Permit Application (PDF). Please see our Fence Submittal Requirements (PDF) for plan submittal requirements
  • Plan Submittal: Plans may be submitted electronically online through eTRAKiT or delivered in person to the Development Services Center at 401 N Elm Street with a set of paper plans.
  • Inspections Required: Please see our Fence Submittal Requirements (PDF) document. Email us with all applicable inspection documents. These would include form surveys, final drainage surveys, special inspections, energy test forms, etc.
  • Fees: $141 and $1.08 each linear foot.