Storm Shelters

Information: Storm shelters may be placed above ground/in slabs in the garage or underground. All Storm Shelters require a permit. Storm shelters may not encroach in an easement.

  • Underground Storm Shelters have a minimum setback from the rear of the property line of 3 feet. The minimum setback from the side property line is 3 feet. The minimum setback from the house is 5 feet.
  • Ground Storm Shelters are to be installed in the garage slab. If cutting into garage slab for post-tension foundation, an engineered letter is required, stating the cutting and re-stretching of cables was performed properly. This must be present at the final.
  • Submittal Requirements: Residential Application (PDF), Site Plan, and Engineered Construction Plans, if applicable.
  • Plan Submittal: Plans may be submitted electronically online through eTRAKiT or delivered in person to the Development Services Center at 401 N Elm Street with a set of paper plans. Please note: Two copies of all plans are required for paper submittal.
  • Inspections Required: Foundation, if applicable, Final.
  • Fees: $100 minimum, based on square feet. Additional fees will apply if installing electric, plumbing, or HVAC. View the Fee Schedule (PDF) for more information.