HVAC / Furnace

Self-contained refrigeration systems containing 10 pounds (4.54 kilograms (kg)) or less of refrigerant, or that are actuated by motors of 1 horsepower (746 watts (W)) or less, do not require a permit. Repair or replacement of HVAC or a Furnace requires a Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Permit.

Adding a new HVAC or furnace will require plan review with adherence to international energy codes, Commercial Application, and the Commercial Energy Compliance Path Requirements (PDF), and the Commercial Energy Compliance Path Requirements - Testing Form (PDF).

Submittal Requirements

  • For repairs or small replacements: MEP Permit Application (PDF)
  • For large scale work: Commercial Application (PDF)
    • Mechanical plans depicting supply and return locations, outside air calculations, and location of mechanical equipment (on roof, attic, mezzanine, etc. with access and clearance marked)
    • For buildings over 5,000 square feet: Submit engineer stamped plans in accordance with the Texas Engineering Practices Act
    • For new rooftop-mounted HVAC: Structural plans
    • If not replacing same for same, Energy code compliance with be required 

Plan Submittal

Plans may be submitted online electronically through eTRAKiT or delivered in person to the Development Services at 401 N Elm Street

Inspections Required

  • Mechanical (dependent on work)
  • Duct Rough
  • Energy Code Report Test Form (if applicable)


Current Schedule of Fees