Fraud, Waste, & Abuse

The City of Denton is committed to upholding the public trust through a commitment to high legal, ethical, and moral standards. City of Denton residents, employees, and business partners are encouraged to submit a report whenever they suspect fraud, waste, or abuse of City resources has occurred.

Anonymous ReportingThumbnail of a lighthouse.

The City has contracted with Lighthouse Services to provide an anonymous reporting system for fraud, waste, or abuse concerns and issues. Individuals may submit reports in this system using any of the following options:

Direct Reporting

In addition, individuals may report fraud, waste, or abuse concerns directly to the City Auditor using the Internal Audit Department email or by calling (940) 349-7228. Direct reporting generally allows for increased communication between the reporter and the Investigation Committee.

Investigation Process

Submitted fraud, waste, or abuse reports are sent directly to the City's Investigation Committee for review to determine if a formal investigation is warranted. All reports are considered confidential and the identity of the reporter - if known - will not be disclosed unless required by law.