Internal Audit Reporting

Annual Internal Audit Plan

To establish the Internal Audit Department's workload, the City Auditor presents an Annual Internal Audit Plan to the City Council for approval each year.  To see what the Department will be working on this year, access the current Annual Internal Audit Plan (PDF).

Quarterly Reports

Using this Plan, the Internal Audit Department evaluates City programs and services and periodically releases audit reports. The Department releases Quarterly Reports to summarize its progress on completing the Annual Internal Audit Plan and provide updates on the Department's condition. 

Department Standards & Peer Review

To comply with Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards, audit offices are periodically peer reviewed. In 2022, the Internal Audit Department received the highest peer review opinion possible. Read the full peer review opinion letter (PDF).

Audit Dashboard

A summary of the audits and recommendations issued by the Department can be seen in the Internal Audit Dashboard or in the visual below.

Published Internal Audit Reports

Access Older Published Audit Reports.

Audit Report Translations

City of Denton residents may request an audit report be translated using the Internal Audit email. In addition, a summary of each audit report published since October 2021 has been translated into Spanish.

Analysis Reports

Occasionally, the Internal Audit Department issues Analysis Reports based on requests received from City management or the City Council. These reports evaluate how a City process was applied in a specific instance and are different from regular internal audit reports.