Denton 2040 Comprehensive Plan 

The Denton 2040 Comprehensive Plan was approved by City Council on March 22, 2022.  The City’s Comprehensive Plan reflects current and anticipated conditions as the city continues to evolve, grow, and encourage reinvestment.  The Comprehensive Plan addresses new challenges and opportunities, including: the shifting in demographics; changing lifestyle and housing preferences; incorporating both the City’s Mobility Plan and Parks, Recreation, and Trails Master Plan updates; referencing recently updated Plans; continuing to strengthen the city’s economy; enhancing the quality of life of its citizens; and protecting our environmental and natural resources.

The Denton 2040 Comprehensive Plan builds upon recent accomplishments, taking into consideration changes within the community since the plan was last updated and making it a more useful plan that will guide public investment and development decisions through 2040.

Community input was the basis for the Comprehensive Plan update. Throughout the update process, community members and various stakeholders provided a diverse and broad array of input and feedback.  The Community Vision Statement, goals, policies, and actions of the Plan was then reviewed for relevancy. 

The update process included an assessment of key policies and actions in each of the various Elements (or Chapters). They were reviewed and updated, taking to consideration whether an item has been implemented, its effectiveness, and whether it will be kept unchanged, revised, or removed.  The update process also included a summary of key successes, accomplishments, shortcomings, impediments encountered, and recommendations to further implement the Plan.  Lastly, the update process added key actions in response to public input as well as feedback from the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council.