Area Plans

The Denton Plan 2030 was adopted in February 2015 and is the framework by which the city manages growth, promotes reinvestment, and improves the quality of life for citizens for the next two decades. The Land Use chapter specifically highlights the need for compact and balanced growth that has a purpose within the goals of the city. Small Area Planning is a logical extension of a city's Comprehensive Plan in order to achieve a balanced growth pattern. Small area planning allows long term planning for areas that have major development opportunity or are experiencing imminent land use changes, areas that face deterioration or abandonment, or areas that need to plan for the introduction of specific uses such as a mixed use development, logistics and industrial center, or business innovation.

The process for Small Area Planning allows for community members and stakeholders to provide input, create a shared vision, and influence future development policies for a specific area. Small Area Planning gives the city the ability to address a localized challenge across city departments and creates public support for implementing a plan of action.

A Small Area Plan is a document that provides guidelines for specific policy actions in concert with the vision of the Denton Plan 2030 and with the community vision drafted in the Small Area Plan. The Small Area Plan can identify needs for new Overlay Districts within the plan, identify areas for city-initiated zonings, identify other code amendments, and call for Capital Improvement Projects to be focused in the area.

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