City Auditor's Office

The City Auditor's Office is led by the City Auditor who is responsible for directing all internal audit functions for the City of Denton including: 

The City Auditor is one of four City employees appointed by the City Council in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined in the City Auditor Employment Agreement (PDF).


Strengthen public trust and promote continuous improvement throughout City operations.


Serve Denton residents by providing independent and objective reviews of City functions.

Core Values

Internal Audit functions under the City Auditor's Office are guided by four core values:

  • Accountability. Government officials and agencies, including the City Auditor's Office, are accountable to all Denton residents for their performance, use of resources, stewardship of assets, and ethical conduct.
  • Transparency. Free and open access to information is necessary for government officials and agencies to be accountable to all Denton residents.
  • Integrity. Work and reports must be conducted fairly, honestly, objectively, and independently. If work or reports are found to be inaccurate, this will be publicly acknowledged and corrected.
  • Quality. Continuous evaluation and improvement are critical to producing high-quality work that adds value to City operations and the public well-being.

Strategic Plan

In 2022, the City Auditor's Office adopted a Strategic Plan (PDF) to outline the strategies, objectives, and goals to achieve the vision and mission in accordance with the City Auditor's values.