Youth Associations

We often work with outside associations to provide a full range of youth sports. These associations are not run by City employees, but they do work closely with our team and use City fields. 

Denton Boys Baseball (940) 383-7669

Denton Boys Baseball, Inc. was established in 1952 with the goal to provide the best youth baseball program in the area. More importantly, we want to instill the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, reverence and courage into the youth of our community so that they will mature into strong, happy, healthy and responsible adults.

Visit their website. 

Denton Soccer Association (940) 597-7140

Denton Soccer Association (DSA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the positive development of Denton youth through their participation in a safe, healthy, and affordable soccer program that is fun and rewarding for all.

Visit their website.

Denton County Youth Football (940) 535-8652

Denton County Youth Football League (DCYFL) is a non-profit organization that provides youth football and cheerleading to the youth of our community. DCYFL aims to teach sportsmanship, fellowship, and citizenship by providing knowledge, fun, and competitive sports through our programs. 

Visit their website.