Upcoming Projects

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  1. Villages of Carmel Park
  2. Art Installations
  3. Bowling Green Park
  4. Tree Plantings
  5. Rayzor Ranch
  6. Briercliff Park Master Plan
  7. Pecan Creek Regional Trail Master Plan
  8. Improvement Projects

Villages of Carmel Park

In 2018, the City purchased a 6.5-acre site known as the Villages of Carmel Property. The City of Denton hired Valley Quest Designs in December 2020 to develop a Master Plan. From March to July 2021, the City of Denton and Valley Quest coordinated and designed a final park rendering through public engagement forums with the City Council, Parks Board, Committee of Persons with Disabilities, internal staff, and the local community. On August 2, 2021, City Council approved the master plan for the Villages of Carmel that will feature trails, a playground, lighting, a pavilion, and a parking lot integrated within the existing tree canopy.

On  October  1, 2021,  the  City of  Denton  Parks and  Recreation  Department submitted a  grant application to  Texas  Parks and  Wildlife Department (TPWD). The grant funding will cover 50% of the proposed construction of the future Villages of Carmel property.

On  March  24, 2022, the TPWD  Commission approved funding to award numerous local park grants across the state. The Denton Parks and Recreation department is excited to announce that it received the total amount requested and is a recipient of a $621,563 Non-Urban Outdoor grant for the future Villages of Carmel Park.

In summer 2022, Parks and Recreation will start the grant process with TPWD and does not anticipate the Notice to Proceed from TPWD until Spring 2023. With this timeline, construction is estimated to begin Summer of 2023.Villages of Carmel Planning Map

Estimated Budget: 1.23M (50% Match Grant will be reimbursed by TPWD $621,563.00)
Project Location: 6414 Edwards Rd. Swisher Road and Edwards Road
Estimated Construction Dates: Starting Summer 2023
Project Manager: Chris Escoto