Mayoral Proclamations

The City of Denton accepts applications to honor and celebrate individuals, groups, and organizations to increase awareness through a Mayoral Proclamation. A proclamation is an act where the Mayor formally declares to the public a notable event, achievement, or cause that is worthy of recognition within the community.

Request a Proclamation

Please use the link below to request a proclamation. Requests must be received 30 days in advance of the presentation date and may be made by a City of Denton resident or an organization with a presence in Denton.

Request a Proclamation

Proclamation Guidelines

  • Proclamations may be presented at Council meetings, at an event, or made available for pick up at City Hall. Council meeting presentations will be generally limited to four (4) proclamations per meeting.
  • All proclamation requests must include draft language, specifically “Whereas” statements that provide additional information and background on the purpose of the proclamation (see Sample Proclamation).
  • Proclamations may include any activity or theme except those proclamations with a “theme religious or partisan in nature shall not be presented. Proclamations shall not be used for any commercial or advertising purpose” (Sec. 2-29, Code of Ordinances).
  • Proclamations are a mayoral prerogative. The Mayor may decline requests or ask that proclamation language be modified prior to presentation.

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