Right-of-Way Permits

Right-of-Way (ROW) permit applications for construction work within public ROWs are processed online through e-TRAKiT as of January 1, 2022. 

ROW permits are a crucial component in providing safe and effective use of streets and sidewalks during utility construction activities, allowing for:

  • Improved excavation safety and damage prevention for the public and workers who maintain utility systems.
  • Evaluation of Temporary Traffic Control for compliance with Texas Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices.
  • Assessment of restoration efforts to protect the quality of existing public transportation infrastructure.
  1. Utility Registration
  2. ROW Permit Application
  3. Review Timeline
  4. ROW Inspections
  5. Emergency Notification

Companies providing a utility service within City of Denton limits must have an active Utility Provider Registration with Public Works Inspection prior to applying for a ROW permit. 

New registration requests:

  • Complete the Utility Provider Registration Application and prepare the required supporting documents and information. Registration must be completed and submitted by a utility company, and not a contractor.
  • Submit completed Utility Provider Registration Application and required supporting documentation through email.
  • Receipt of registration requests will be confirmed by email to the applicant, with a full review and written response to grant or deny the request within 30 business days. Contact Public Works Inspection if confirmation of submission is not sent within two business days, as no response will be considered a submission failure and/or denial of the request.
  • Each utility company is responsible for updating registration information:
    • Annually, prior to January 1
    • Within 30 days of any change, and prior to applying for permit.

Amendment or renewal of an existing registration, including adding or removing approved contractors:

  • Submit revisions through email to Public Works Inspections.
    1. A ROW Utility Provider must authorize the addition or removal of a contractor or engineering firm whom will submit applications, request inspections, or otherwise conduct business on behalf of the utility provider by submittal of a ROW Contractor Registration Form. Review will follow the process for new registration requests above. Once a request is accepted and processed, the contractor will be provided access to e-TRAKiT.
    2. For substantial revisions to a company name or contacts, submit a new Utility Provider Registration Application.

Registration requests granted prior to August 1 will be applied to the current year. Requests granted after August 1 will be active thru the following year.