Wireless Permits

Wireless permits are for construction work by wireless providers for installation of wireless facilities and small cells or 5G infrastructure within public Rights of Way (ROW). 

This permit process was established in accordance with Chapter 284 of Texas Local Government Code, enacted by the State of Texas on September 1, 2017, which allows for the installation of small-cell facilities on existing, new, and municipally-owned structures within the ROW. 

 Within the City of Denton, most wireless equipment is installed with the appearance and function of a streetlight pole. Small-cell facilities are typically comprised of network nodes, antennas, wireless equipment, and underground fiber transportation facilities.

Pole Image
  1. Wireless Utility Registration
  2. Wireless Permit Application
  3. Review Timeline
  4. ROW Inspections
  5. Emergency Notification

Before applying for permits, the network provider or agency seeking to install wireless or small-cell facilities must register with the Public Works Inspection Division. Registration by a network provider must be completed by a representative of an accredited wireless utility company, and not a contractor.

To submit a new registration request:

  1. Review the Utility Provider Registration Form in the link below, and prepare the required documents and information.
  2. Submit a completed Utility Provider Registration Form and required supporting documentation to Public Works Inspection through email. 
  3. Receipt of complete registration requests will be confirmed upon delivery, with a full review and written response to grant or deny the request sent to the applicant within 30 business days. Contact Public Works Inspection if confirmation of submission is not sent within two business days, as no response will be considered a submission failure and/or denial of the request.

Amendment or renewal of an existing registration, including adding or removing approved contractors:

  1. The wireless utility company is responsible for updating registration information:
    • Annually, prior to January 2
    • Within 30 days of any change, and prior to applying for permit.
  2. Submit revisions through email to Public Works Inspections.
    • To add or remove an approved contractor or engineering firm whom will conduct business on behalf of the wireless provider, the utility company must submit a written request to amend the approved contractors on their existing registration, along with the contact information for the contractor as on the Utility Provider Registration Application. Once the change of approved contractor is confirmed, the contractor will be provided access to e-TRAKiT.
    • For substantial revisions to a company name or contacts, submit a new Utility Provider Registration Application.

Registration requests granted prior to August 1 will be applied to the current year. Requests granted after August 1 will be active thru the following year.