Street Sign Topper Program

Recognize your neighborhood with the creation of a special Street Sign Topper!

Sign toppers are installed to demonstrate neighborhood unity and identify the boundaries of existing homeowner and neighborhood associations, non-homeowner and neighborhood associations, special districts, or proposed residential neighborhood developments.

Thank you all for the overwhelming response to the Neighborhood Street Sign Topper Program! Based on the number of submissions received to date, staff estimates that this year’s budget for sign toppers has been exceeded. As staff works through the current submissions, we will evaluate the budget and provide additional communication if any remaining budget capacity is identified.

Current Sign Toppers

  • Solomon Hill
  • Freedmen Town
  • New Quaker
  • Fred Moore High School
  • Willow Creek
  • Lincoln Park
A close up of street signs with a sign topper reading "New Quaker"
City employees install a new street sign outside of a cemetery

Important Documents