Fleet Services Auctions

City of Denton's Fleet Services Auctions

The City of Denton Fleet Services will sell via Internet auction various items including: Pickups, Sedans, Trailers, and Miscellaneous Equipment.

For more details visit www.govplanet.com.

All the auctions are live for a two-week period leading up to the event - the Preview Period. During the Preview Period you can set your PriorityBid. A PriorityBid acts like the max bid above and allows you to set your bid ahead of time.

  • The City reserves the right to reject any or all bids and waive any and all informalities
  • All bidders are required to register with GovPlanet in order to place a bid on an item
  • The name shown on the paid receipt for a vehicle or equipment will be the name listed on the vehicle's title (No exceptions allowed)
  • A paid receipt is required to pick up items

The City of Denton does not provide loading services for buyers to remove their merchandise. Buyers must provide enough manpower to load items themselves. Any and all methods of lifting, towing, and hauling, as well as removal, are the sole responsibility of the buyer. The ownership of any and all items not removed by the final pick-up day will revert back to the City of Denton.

For additional information regarding any City of Denton Fleet Services auction, contact us at (940) 349-7400 or email Fleet Services.

Current Auction Items:

Please visit the City of Denton Fleet Auction Marketplace to view Current Auction Items.