Denton Historic Preservation Plan

The City of Denton’s Historic Preservation Plan was approved by City Council on October 22, 2019. The Historic Preservation Plan builds on the community’s previous preservation efforts in advancing Downtown Denton’s revitalization, enhancing established neighborhoods, maintaining community character, managing growth, and promoting livability and civic pride, as well as protecting important heritage resources and other tangible links to Denton’s past. This plan also seeks to inspire and motivate existing stakeholder groups and a new generation of preservation advocates in the implementation and management of Denton’s historic preservation program. 

Today, Denton’s historic resources and assets, including its historic neighborhoods, downtown district, and iconic Denton County Courthouse on the Square, help to define the city’s vibrancy, authenticity, and small-town appeal. Denton’s varied, historic housing stock also contributes to the community’s livability, providing a source of affordable quality housing to families and households seeking advantageous locations near Downtown Denton, the universities, parks, and other community amenities. In Downtown Denton, the Denton County Courthouse and surrounding commercial architecture serve as an appealing setting and backdrop for festivals, cultural events, and entertainment activities. 

The Historic Preservation Plan identifies and outlines the vision, goals, and strategies for enhancing and strengthening Denton’s historic preservation program, recognizing that effective long-range planning can help identify, protect, and manage significant historic resources and key elements of a community’s-built environment. Creating a plan is also an opportunity to engage and inform local stakeholders on Denton’s history and heritage, preservation’s benefits, and the roles and responsibilities of the Historic Landmark Commission. The plan is an essential tool for encouraging reinvestment activity in traditional commercial districts and older neighborhoods, achieving placemaking and urban design objectives, and in promoting community sustainability.

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Pergola on the front entrance to the Denton Civic Center in 1966