Affordable Housing

As our community continues to grow, the City of Denton is committed to ensuring a balanced mix of housing types and opportunities are available to community members at different income levels. The City has prioritized supporting affordable housing as outlined in the Denton Affordable Housing Strategic Toolkit, as well as other strategic planning documents, such as the Consolidated Plan for Housing and Community Development and Denton Plan 2040.

City Council adopted Denton’s Affordable Housing Strategic Toolkit on February 15, 2022 (ID 22-090).  The toolkit outlines five recommended strategies with targeted activities to deliver housing interventions.

Community Services and City Council are working to develop and implement the targeted activities within the toolkit. To stay up to date on our progress, sign up for our newsletter.

A continuum of housing types, with homelessness on one end and market home ownership on the other.

On the housing continuum, affordable housing initiatives and the Denton Affordable Housing Strategic Toolkit address the needs of supportive housing through market home ownership. This includes subsidized and naturally occurring affordable rental housing as well as affordable home ownership.

For more information on homelessness and emergency shelter which is not covered under affordable housing, see the Homeless Initiatives page.

Toolkit: Five Strategies and Targeted Activities

A table briefly outlining the five toolkit strategies: infill, zoning, resources, preservation, info

  1. 1. Infill Development
  2. 2. Zoning Relief & Variances
  3. 3. Increase Capacity & Resources
  4. 4. Preservation & Expansion
  5. 5. Increase Access to Information

Infill development refers to the construction of new buildings on vacant or underutilized land in developed areas of the City.

Targeted ActivityAction to Implement
Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) ProgramDevelop financing models, relationships with contractors, and guidelines for the ADU program including requirements from a land use and zoning perspective to expand the program.
Small Home Community ProgramCreate guidelines and regulations that will enable the private market and non-profit partners to develop housing for households earning less than 80% of AMI with less subsidy than traditional homes.