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Posted on: March 20, 2023

Clear Creek has River Otters

River Otters in a field at Clear Creek at night

Yes, we have them at Clear Creek. There have been many occasions where something was spotted in the water, but determining whether it was a beaver, otter, or nutria always eluded us. Until recently. Two months ago Dan caught a family of otters on a game cam he set up on the new property. While doing water quality monitoring we observed one in the water swimming to what might be a den in the log jam at the Confluence. Before all this though, a student from UNT set up a couple of game cams, one aimed toward the suspected den and another by a slide. We are trying to get access to those photos and reports.

A river otter's expected lifespan is up to 12 years. They have litters of pups averaging two to three but can range from a single pup to six pups. The female can delay implantation for as many as 11 months, with a gestation period of 60 days. The pups are born blind and toothless and are weaned at about three months. Within six to twelve months, they become independent and reach sexual maturity at two to three years. They are omnivorous. River otters pretty much rule while in the water but are more susceptible to coyotes, bobcats, and wild dogs on land. While they are certainly prey for alligators, river otters have been known to return the favor by occasionally predating on alligators. Cute as they may be, they have a fierce side with strong jaws and sharp teeth.

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