Police Department


601 E. Hickory St.
Suite F
Denton, TX 76205

(940) 349-8181


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Police Records Division  

(940) 349-7973

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(940) 349-7832

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Police Executive Leadership 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Shoemaker, Doug Chief of Police    
Buchanan, Steve Assistant Chief    
Fleming, Rachel Deputy Chief - Support Bureau    
Christian, Mike Deputy Chief - Investigations Bureau    
Rose, Michael Deputy Chief - North Operations Bureau    
Cose, Bryan Deputy Chief - South Operations Bureau    

Media Relations 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Media Relations, Police Department      
Beckwith, Allison Public Information Officer (940) 349-8558  
Cunningham, Amy Public Information Liaison (940) 349-8558  

Patrol & Traffic Safety Personnel 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Behrens, Michael A-Shift Patrol Lieutenant (Days) (940) 349-7911  
Pohler, Preston B-Shift Lieutenant (Days) (940) 349-7956  
Hildebrand, David C-Shift Patrol Lieutenant (Nights) (940) 349-7987  
Summitt, Chris D-Shift Patrol Lieutenant (Nights) (940) 349-7944  
Howell, Elisa Mental Health Division and Downtown Lieutenant (940) 349-7948  
Bryan, Jim Downtown Patrol Sergeant (940) 349-7996  
Deter, Ross Traffic Safety Unit Sergeant (940) 349-8968  

Community Resources & Support Personnel 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Whitson, Gina Community Resource Officer & Police LGBTQIA+ Liaison (940) 349-7241  
Cunningham, Anthony Community Resource Officer (940) 349-7978  
Johnson, Kris Student Resource Sergeant (940) 369-0529  
Godoy, Richard Victim Assistance Coordinator (940) 349-7909  
Johnson, Constanza Victim Assistance Coordinator (940) 349-7819  
Klar, Jerrett Internal Affairs Detective (940) 349-7912  
Wallace, Chanté Internal Affairs Detective (940) 349-7988  
Kolba, Jason Hiring / Recruiting Sergeant (940) 349-7832  
Thomas, Justin Special Events Officer (940) 349-7842  

Sexual Assault Kit Initiative 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Beutner, Michael Criminal Investigations Lieutenant (940) 349-7804  
Jones, Trent Special Victims Sergeant (940) 349-7876