City Manager's Office


215 E McKinney Street
Denton, TX 76201



Link: City Manager's Office Page

Name Title Email Phone
Dixon, Frank Assistant City Manager and Chief of Police 940-349-8181
Gaines, David Deputy City Manager 940-349-8260
Hensley, Sara City Manager  
Taylor, Christine Assistant City Manager 940-349-7889

Support Staff 

Denton, TX 76201

Denton, TX 76201

Name Title Email
Holt, Tracy Senior Executive Assistant

Leadership Team 

Name Title Email Phone
Adams, Ryan Chief of Staff / Dir. of Customer Service and Public Affairs / LGBTQ Liaison 940-349-8565
Atkinson, C. Tyler Municipal Court Judge 940-349-8140
Bekker, Jennifer Director of Libraries 940-349-8753
Boerner, Brian Director of Solid Waste 940-349-8001
Cox, Ethan General Manager of Public Works 940-349-8044
Diviney, Rebecca Director of Capital Projects / City Engineer 940-349-8461
Dixon, Frank Chief of Police 940-349-8181
Gange, Michael Director of Environmental Services and Sustainability 940-349-7165
Gay, Stephen Director of Water and Wastewater 940-349-8086
Gray, Scott Director of Facilities and CIP 940-349-7744
Johnson, Dorcas Interim Animal Services Manager 940-349-7598
McDonald, Scott Director of Development Services 940-349-8539
Meine, Leisha Chief Technology Officer  
Ogden, Cassey Director of Finance and CFO 940-349-7195
Packan, Gary Director of Parks and Recreation 940-349-7469
Puente, Jr., Antonio General Manager of DME 940-349-7283
Reinwand, Mack City Attorney 940-349-7799
Rios, Rosa City Secretary 940-349-8309
Shaw, Danielle Director of Community Services 940-349-7237
Taylor, Christine Director of Procurement and Compliance 940-349-7889
Thomson, Tiffany Director of Human Resources 940-349-7401