What role does the City of Denton have in gas well permitting and regulation?

The City of Denton's first Gas Well Ordinance was adopted on December 4, 2001, as part of the zoning code and subdivision and land development code. Since its adoption, the City as amended its Gas Well Ordinance from time to time to address land-use compatibility concerns for gas well drilling and production activities. The ordinance includes provisions addressing safety, noise levels, setbacks, lighting, traffic, dust, other nuisances, and so forth.

After extensive analysis and review, public hearings and careful consideration, the City Council adopted the Gas Well Ordinance (2015-233) on August 4, 2015, to reconcile the local ordinance with state law following the passage of House Bill 40 in May 2015.

The City performs regular inspections on wells within the City limits to ensure compliance with the City's Gas Well Ordinance (19-2131), Municipal Code, and Fire Code. The City also responds to questions, concerns, or complaints about a natural gas well that are reported.

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