Who is my Community Improvement Services Officer?

The City is divided into districts, and every Officer is assigned to a district. As the City grows and changes, districts grow and change. If you have a general question or would like to know who your district Officer is, you can contact our office at 940-349-8743. If you are ever contacted by our office with respect to a violation on your property the name of the Officer can be found in the documentation you receive, along with their direct contact information.

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1. Who is responsible for fixing code violations on a property?
2. How long does it take for a violation to be fixed?
3. What is the process the City uses to address a violation?
4. How can I file a complaint with Community Improvement Services (CIS)?
5. Who is my Community Improvement Services Officer?
6. My landlord won't fix anything in my apartment. Who should I contact?
7. I received a notice from a Community Improvement Services Officer about a code violation my tenant caused. Am I still responsible?
8. My tenant left the property and dumped all of their trash outside. Is it my responsibility as the property owner to clean it up?
9. I’m afraid my neighbor’s tree is going to fall and damage my property. What should I do?
10. The fence between my yard and my neighbor’s yard is broken. We don’t agree on who needs to fix it. What should we do?
11. I think there are too many people living in my neighbor’s house. Is that a violation?
12. Water from my neighbor’s yard is running into my yard? Is that a violation?
13. My neighbors are making too much noise. What should I do?
14. My neighbor’s car has been sitting in the driveway “forever". Is that a violation?
15. My Homeowner’s Association isn’t enforcing its own rules? What should I do?
16. My neighbor is running a business out of his home. Is that illegal?
17. What are the regulations for tree limbs over the street, sidewalk, and alleys around my home?
18. What’s the difference between a parking violation on the street and a parking violation on private property?
19. There is a car parked in the street blocking my mailbox. Is that a violation?
20. There is a car parked in the street blocking my driveway? Is that a violation?
21. There is a car in my neighborhood that is missing a license plate and/or registration sticker? Is that a violation?
22. Our driveway is too small for all of our vehicles. Can I park in my yard?
23. My car doesn’t run. Can I put a cover over it until it’s fixed?
24. Am I allowed to store objects or leave trash in my yard?
25. My garage is too full to store things. What should I do with the items in my yard?
26. What will happen if a resident doesn’t remove the trash in his/her yard?
27. Will the City pick up large items if I leave them at the curb?
28. When am I allowed to leave large items out at the curb?
29. I have general questions about codes and commercial properties. Where should I start?
30. Do commercial properties have to follow the same rules as residential properties?
31. Do I need a permit to install a sign? Can I put my sign anywhere I want?
32. What is a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) and how do I get one?
33. A Community Improvement Services Officer sent me a Notice of Violation. What do I do?
34. A Community Improvement Services Officer sent me a citation. What do I do?
35. I need an extension to correct the issues on my property. What do I do?
36. I received a Notice of Violation from a Community Improvement Services Officer. I don’t think this is a violation, but the Officer thinks it is. What do I do?