What happens after I apply?
  • Community Development Division staff will complete an inspection to determine if project is eligible. If eligible, you will receive information and forms to apply.
  • Community Development Division staff will verify all the application information and environmental restrictions and regulations. Application and repair request will be submitted for review to the Community Development Administrator. If any information is found to be intentionally falsified, the application will be rejected and the applicant will not be allowed to reapply to this program.
  • You will receive verbal and/or written notice of the date application is accepted or rejected along with details of the decision if application is rejected.
  • In the event your house is 45 years old or older, the Texas Historical Commission may have to be notified.
  • When painted surfaces will be affected in a house built before 1978, the area will be tested for lead based paint. A lead based paint inspection and/or risk assessment shall be conducted by a licensed risk assessor. If your house is found to have lead‐based paint hazards, hazard reduction techniques will be utilized.
  • A bid document will be written up for the repairs needed to correct the health or safety‐related problem. A cost estimate will be completed before bids are sought. Only contractors who carry a minimum of $100,000 liability insurance may perform the work. This program maintains a list of contractors who meet the insurance requirements. This is not a reference list. Any interested contractor who can document appropriate insurance coverage and is not on the most recent list of contractors that are ineligible to work on projects involving federal funds.
  • The contractor/repair company will provide a one‐year warranty for work completed, if possible.
  • Upon final inspection approval, contractor may submit invoice. The payment request will be processed upon project approval and contractor can expect payment within 15 working days from date invoice was approved.

If the bid for the approved emergency repair is more than the maximum allowable funds, the project will not be eligible and the City of Denton will be unable to complete the repair.

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