What are other provisions?

In the event that an applicant feels that his/her circumstances require special consideration, s/he may request, in writing, a waiver from the usual requirements. All requests should specify the requirement(s) to be considered for waiver and state the applicant's reason(s) or special circumstances why s/he believes a waiver should be approved. The Community Development Administrator will review requests on a case‐by‐case basis. Applicant will be notified in writing of the final decision.

Dispute: The contractor's work will be monitored by the applicant, City staff that may include Community Development staff or/and the City of Denton building code inspector. If the applicant considers any work done by the contractor to be unsatisfactory or incomplete, the applicant should advise the contractor of the discrepancy and ask that it be corrected. In the event a dispute exists between the applicant and the contractor with respect to the work, the City shall take appropriate action in accordance with the provisions of the construction contract to assure that the applicant is satisfied before making any payment to the contractor. In the event a dispute cannot be resolved, the Division Director shall consider all pertinent facts and shall decide an appropriate course of action to resolve the dispute.

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