What are the steps to receive assistance?
  • Complete the application process. You will receive written notice of assistance approval or denial. If assistance is denied, you will receive an explanation of the reasons for denial.
  • Property will be inspected to determine eligibility.
  • If property is eligible work write-up or plans will be completed.
  • Owner will review and approve work write up or plans.
  • Project is sent out to bid. Owner selects contractor from eligible bids.
  • Contracts are prepared, reviewed and signed by owner(s). Work begins.
  • Complete the Successful Homeownership class
  • Work is completed as is a walk-through the house with staff.
  • Update or obtain appropriate homeowner's insurance.
  • The contractor provides a one-year warranty for work completed. After this period, it is the responsibility of homeowner to complete all repairs.
  • Payments begin about one month after the project is completed.

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1. What type of repairs are eligible?
2. What type of repairs are not eligible?
3. Will the repairs need to be paid back?
4. How do I apply?
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6. What are other provisions?
7. Do I need good credit?
8. I still have a mortgage payment, can I qualify for the program?
9. What are the steps to receive assistance?
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11. Does the assistance need to be paid back?
12. Will a lien be placed against my property?
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