Where should I drain the water from my pool?
  • Into your landscape for irrigation. Pools may be discharged onto your property if the water does not run off into streets or cause stagnant water.
  • Into the sanitary sewer system via your home's sewer clean-out. The sewer clean-out is usually a threaded cap about three to four inches in diameter.
  • After approval by the Watershed Protection Department, into the storm drain system. Watershed Protection can be reached at 940-349-7153 or 940-349-7141 or send an email to the Watershed Protection Department.

To obtain permission, pool water will have to meet the following criteria:

  • Discontinue use of pool chemicals at least three days prior to discharge
  • Dechlorinate water to non-detectable level of chlorine (less than 0.1 milligrams per Liter)
  • Clean any vegetation and debris from pool
  • Monitor discharge rate to prevent erosion
  • Freshwater pool water only (saltwater pools cannot be discharged to the storm drain)

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1. Where should I drain the water from my pool?
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