What is deferred disposition?

Deferred Disposition is an option that will keep your citation from being reported as a conviction on your driving record and will be dismissed if all terms required are successfully met. If any requirement is not met and you cannot provide a satisfactory reason why at a hearing before the judge, the citation will result in a conviction and be reported to the Department of Public Safety. Not all violations are approved for Deferred Disposition. To determine if you are eligible for Deferred Disposition, view your case options online or contact the court.  

You are NOT eligible if:

  • You have or did have a Commercial Driver License (CDL) at the time of the citation; or
  • Your speed was 95 miles per hour or more.

You may submit a request for Deferred Disposition online or in person. If approved,  you will be required to pay a fee and court costs. Deferred Disposition typically includes 90 days of probation during which you may not have any additional citations filed with this Court. If you are under the age of 25, you will also be required to complete a Driver Safety Course as a condition. All requirements must be satisfied for your case to be dismissed. If you are unsure if you have adequately completed your requirements, please contact the Court.   

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