What if I am unable to pay?

You are encouraged to contact the Court as soon as possible so that we may provide you options for resolving your case. You may qualify for a payment plan or other resolution options. You will not be arrested if you visit the Court to resolve your case.

If a defendant is unable to pay the fine when due, the defendant must appear at the clerk's office and request their case be set on a show cause docket. If the defendant qualifies, the court may allow the defendant to pay the fine in installments or discharge the fine by performing community service. If community service creates an undue hardship, the judge may enter a finding of indigence and waive fines and fees.

If a defendant appeals the Court's decision and is indigent or otherwise too poor to pay either the appeal bond or the transcript, they may file an Affidavit of Indigency with the court and a Motion to Waive Costs within the ten day period to file an appeal bond. A hearing on the motion to waive costs shall then be scheduled by the court.

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