How do I request a water audit?

Contact our Conservation Program Coordinator at 940-349-7733 to schedule a water audit.

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1. How do I hook up a water or wastewater connection to a structure that does not currently have water or wastewater?
2. Is the drinking water safe?
3. Can I see a copy of the Water Quality Report?
4. Why is my bill so high?
5. How do I report an issue, such as a leak or clog?
6. Who is responsible for my water leak?
7. I repaired a water leak, can I get an adjustment on my bill?
8. What is the Drainage Fee based on?
9. How can I request a review of the rate block or square footage total?
10. How do I request a water audit?
11. Why do I have to pay to meet Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements?
12. I am filling up my swimming pool. What do I need to know?
13. Are there discounts for filling my pool?
14. Do I qualify for reduced rates?
15. Should I install new sinks, toilets and shower heads?
16. Where does Denton’s water come from?
17. Do we have watering restrictions every year, or just during a drought? What are the rules?
18. What are some things I can do to conserve water?
19. If I see a watering violation, how do I report it?
20. How do I report pollution?
21. I have a water related emergency, who do I call?
22. I want to install an irrigation system, what do I need to know?
23. Does the Denton Water Utility Department make a profit?
24. Who is responsible for the sewer line?
25. If we are supposed to be conserving water, why are city employees opening hydrants and letting water run into the streets?
26. I would like a tour of the facilities. Is that possible?
27. I would like someone to speak to my classroom. Who should I contact?