I took the test a couple of months ago and I still have not been contacted. Why not?

If this is the case, we have not yet arrived at your name on the eligibility list. After the final list is posted, with all tie-breakers and other provisions applied, we start with the first name on the list and work down. The number of openings determine the number of applications being worked on at the same time.

For example, if we have five openings, we work on five applications. Once we start on a candidate's application, we work through the entire process, step by step until the candidate is either hired or disqualified. After that, we move to the next name on the list based on the number of current openings.

When and if we get to your name, we will contact you. You must keep your contact information current or it could jeopardize your opportunity for employment with us.

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3. I took the test a couple of months ago and I still have not been contacted. Why not?
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