If I am a licensed peace officer, will you require me to attend another police academy?

Maybe. Licensed Texas peace officers may be required to attend a Denton Police Department Basic Police Academy (BPOC), and each officer applicant will be assessed based upon their prior level of training and experience.  Certified officers will attend an orientation program of at least two weeks and then go into the Field Training Program. Licensed police officers from other states who apply for Lateral Police Officer positions will not have to attend an academy if they have already become certified in Texas through the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE), which consists of submitting the Out of State Federal Initial Application, completing the 120-hour Texas Supplemental Peace Officer Course (course #1018), and successfully passing the State of Texas Licensing Exam.

For more information on becoming certified in Texas please visit the TCOLE website.

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7. If I am a licensed peace officer, will you require me to attend another police academy?
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