What is considered a hands-free system?

Hands-free systems include Bluetooth, mounted or installed units, and other connected devices. A cell phone may be used to answer or terminate a call, or as a GPS unit, if the phone is mounted. 

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1. What does the local ordinance ban?
2. What is considered a hands-free system?
3. Does the ordinance prohibit the use of GPS units?
4. Can I use my handheld device if I’m stopped at a traffic light or stop sign?
5. Are there any exceptions to the ordinance, such as emergency situations?
6. How is the City's local ordinance different from the state's texting ban?
7. What is the fine for violating the ordinance?
8. If I’m issued a citation for violating the ordinance, will it appear on my insurance or driving record?
9. Can Police seize or inspect my device to investigate a violation?