I got a ticket. Now what do I do?

You may appear in court on the date indicated on your citation, or resolve your case in person or online prior to your court date. All non-jury court hearings are held remotely in virtual court on Zoom.  To review your case online, visit our Online Resolution System

Potential ticket resolution options are provided. These options vary depending on the type of offense, case status, or other factors. Reviewing your case online or speaking with a Court Clerk can provide options specific to your case.  

Basic Options for Adults:

  • Appear in Court to Contest the Ticket
  • Pay in Full
  • Request a Payment Plan

Please note that paying the ticket will result in a conviction that may appear on your driving or criminal record. 

Options to Keep a Ticket Off of Your Record:

  • Request to take a Driver Safety Course
  • Request Deferred Disposition
  • Request a Compliance Dismissal (for violations such as illegal window tint, expired registration, etc.)

Dismissals are only granted once all requirements are successfully completed and sufficient evidence is provided to and approved by the Court. 

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